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Special Services and Collections

  • Municipal Government Information ( 4 items )

    The Municipal Government Information Center was established in 1971 and operates from the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library to serve officials and the general public.

    The Municipal Government Information Center collection consists of more than 1400 titles of circulating and non-circulating materials including reference resources, periodicals related to government and business in New Jersey, ordinances for a number of Monmouth County municipalities, and volumes on topics such as budgeting, fund raising, recycling, planning, and campaigning. It also maintains a collection of local newspaper articles on each municipality in Monmouth County and other selected topics.

    Librarians at the Eastern Branch Reference Desk are available to assist patrons and elected or appointed officials with locating municipal government information at the library or online.  The Center publishes a quarterly periodical called the Municipal Government Information Center Newsletter.

  • Government Documents Center ( 6 items )

    The Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library is one of a select few public libraries designated as a Federal Depository Library as well as a New Jersey State and County Government Documents Center.

    Eastern Branch has been collecting government publications since the U.S. House of Representatives designated the library a depository of federal documents in 1968. It became a state and county depository around the same time. The library participates in the Federal Depository Library Program which provides free access to federal government information at libraries across the country. Selected documents produced by Federal agencies are distributed to the Monmouth County Library through this program.

    The Government Documents Center collection contains federal, state, and county information useful in many fields including business, economics, education, health and medicine, history, law, and science. It consists of a wide variety of topics, some of which include legal, census, labor, education, environmental, military, justice, tax, weather data, presidential and congressional documents, and much more. Information may be found in many formats including books, magazines, pamphlets, microfiche, maps, compact discs, and DVDs.

    The Government Documents Center materials can be found throughout the Eastern Branch library collection. State and County government documents and a few select Federal documents of popular interest collected by the library may be found in the library's e-Library Catalog. Government documents are primarily non-circulating reference works which may be used only in the library.

    The collection has been greatly expanded by information and documents found online. For useful and frequently requested information, view our Government Links to federal, state and local web sites selected by our librarians.

    Librarians at the Eastern Branch Reference Desk are available to provide assistance with identifying, locating, and using Government Documents Center information at the library or online.

  • Magazines and Newspapers ( 2 items )

    The Monmouth County Libray System maintains an extensive collection of periodicals - magazines, jouurnals, and newspapers - in print, microform, and eelctronic formats.  With subscriptions to more than 1,700 magazines and more than 50 newspapers, the library system's periodical collection reflects a wide range of subjects to meet the diverse needs and interests of our patrons.  The collection also includes magazines and newspapers in Spainish, Chinese, Hindi and Gujarati.


    Newspapers: A collection of current and historical newspapers.

    Journals and Magazines: Access to over 7,000 journals and magazines.

    Indexes to Periodicals: Indexes to journals, magazines, newspapers, obituaries, and book reviews.

  • Legal Collection ( 1 item )

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